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Take care of those PESKY petty bills through online surveys

“It’s the end of the month and I’m broke! I can’t wait for my salary to arrive!”

Have you ever uttered these word before? Chances are, you probably have.

But how did all the money get over? When you look in between the numbers, there’s a lot of petty expenses and costs you’ve had to cough up your hard-earned money. It doesn’t seem to very obviously be a lot of an expense or cost for your water, Wi-Fi or electricity bill payments as we don’t generally count pennies, so to speak. And these expenses are the bare minimum one needs to live a reasonably comfortable life. So cutting costs isn’t an option. And there’s no haggling or negotiating for prices in these expenses like one would do at a pawn shop and in other corresponding markets. If we can’t cut costs, the flip-side is to make or earn more money. So how do we make that extra bit of dough without utilizing too much of our precious time or resources which we already have so little of by the end of the day? Gets you thinking, eh?

A person looking sad and shocked because he is surrounded by loads of bills.

Now let’s look at ways that one generally pays these expenses

a) Full-time jobs – Full-time jobs take up most of your time and resources and unless you earn so much that you aren’t bothered with saving money, these petty expenses will still hurt your wallet at the end of the month.

b) Part-time jobs – Part-time jobs are great! But they aren’t as easily available, especially in this unfortunate pandemic period. Despite taking away from the fact that there’s a pandemic, it still requires you to use a sufficient bit of your valuable time and energy.

c) Apprenticeship – Oh wow! What can we say about this? It’s a great learning curve. But in most cases, you’re overworked and underpaid. You’re almost always never treated equally to your fellow mates and are always under a lot of scrutiny. This kind of medium, mode, or channel of earning is more about learning and gaining knowledge than for a quick and easy payday.

d) Freelancing – These are even rarer. Unless you’re a really skilled and talented individual, these opportunities come few and far for folks like you and me. The argument made here is the same as for full-time, part-time and internship jobs- They take WAAAY too much time, resources and energy to accomplish the goals given to you.

e) Contests and competitions – These may work but like the name says, it’s a competition. It would take a lot of time, skill and hard-work to win one. You’re competing with numerous other individuals. Not everyone’s a winner here. So a lot of people putting in the effort and only a select few win the rewards – that’s stretching it a little bit.

f) Selling your belongings – Your old stuff you don’t use or need sitting in the attic collecting dust? Selling them will of course get you some money. But you’ll still lose your memories with them forever and never see it again. More importantly, this isn’t a continuous source of income. I mean, you will run out of things to sell eventually! So there’s a resource problem

g) The lottery – Hahahahaha! The odds of this happening are so monumentally and astronomically rare that we’re even hesitant to talk about it. You’d be better off using that money to do literally anything else.

And here’s our Solution!

Now… what if I told you there was a way to pay for those petty expenses with only a few minutes of your time?

“WOW! No way! Really?! Tell me NOW”

The answer is simple. All you have to do is answer a few queries and surveys and be rewarded for them. Take surveys for money. All this at the comfort of your home. And it barely takes a few minutes of your time.

“That’s Awesome! How Have I not heard of this before?!”

We don’t know either! But now that you have, we welcome you to a whole new world of earning rewards for your valued opinions. We do what we do best by giving you paid surveys to fill that take up barely a few minutes of your time. For this little amount of time you give us, we will reward you SO SO much! It’s almost like daylight robbery!

While there are a few illegitimate websites out there, you can find some really great ones that handsomely incentivize you amazing people who deserve to be spoilt for rewards! That’s where we come into the picture- Zippy Opinion.

Zippy Opinion – What’s that?

Zippy Opinion is one of the best paid survey sites out there. Members can participate in our online consumer surveys, share their opinions on products with their favorite brands, earn money online, and win free vouchers and other exciting rewards! The Zippy Opinion Rewards Program lets you redeem your Zippy Points for free shopping vouchers and gift cards from our reward partner brands.

Get paid from surveys through us to start your journey into earning some pretty amazing rewards and vouchers for your opinions and thoughts. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent place to start with if you’re a new entrant into this world of opinions and paid surveys.

How can I be part of Zippy Opinion and earn BIG rewards?

  • Head to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Join Us’
  • Enter your details and Register
  • Verify via your email ID
  • Attend Surveys
  • Earn Rewards!

It is completely free to join us. We charge ZERO registration fees. Sign up to have a hassle-free experience with us.

But c’mon! How do I know that this is legitimate?

For starters, we give you our word! Our motto is to reward every consumer and we will stand by it till the end of time. No take-backs! Our ‘pinky promise’ to you! If that isn’t enough, take a look at our track record of rewarding our members and you’ll know you can trust us with this minimal time of filling out surveys from us.

We have testimonials from our members that love us and our ability to reward them handsomely. We love them equally for their valuable opinions and thoughts on products and services we want to understand better. After all, every single one of us is special and wonderful in our own way!

Check out our website to find out more – Zippy Opinion.

The Zippy Opinion Community – Divided by Opinion but United as a Community

The Zippy Opinion Community is an online community, exclusive to Zippians – as we fondly call ourselves. Here, you can engage with other Zippians, interact with the brand and take part in fun-filled activities — win vouchers and Zippy Community Points for every engagement you have on this Community.

How can I be part of the Zippy Opinion Community?

  • Log in to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Community’ from the Navigation bar
  • Welcome to Zippy Community

It’s as easy as pie – Anyone can do it!

A person looking happy using his phone for surveys. The bills around him have a paid red stamp on them.

Now, what are the highlights of our paid surveys?

Time-reward value

For the little time you spend on taking these online surveys, the rewards you get are very significant! Only a few minutes of your time to get rewarded and pay your phone bill? We’ve got you covered! Your messages of gratitude fill us with so much pride! It’s the cherry on top of the cake!

Minimal prerequisites

There’s barely any prerequisites to taking up these surveys. All you need is a smartphone or a desktop computer along with decent internet connectivity, which pretty much anyone in today’s world has access to.

No qualifications necessary

We don’t ask about your grades, your skills or anything like that. Each of you is unique and beautiful in your own way! We genuinely believe that! All you have to do is register to Zippy Opinion which is as easy as breathing air!

Work from anywhere

Work from home is the new standard these days. But we’ll do you one better by saying work from anywhere you want. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet to take these paid surveys and earn some wonderful rewards. These surveys barely take up a few moments of your time. You can be a couch potato or a working professional in the office during your office break whilst taking these surveys

Be part of an exclusive survey community

Some very elite survey websites like Zippy Opinion go the extra mile by creating a heart-warming community for all their survey-taking members. Here, you can engage in conversation with other Zippians such as yourself, take part in contests, polls and challenges, post or upload things you like to talk about. All these goodies just to reward you more in quality and quantity!

Make your opinion count

At the end of the day, your opinions count and matter to us and a lot of people who care. You can be part of something bigger and worthwhile by just stating your opinion on the matter.

Reward experience

If not for anything else, you’re here to pay away those pesky and annoying little bills, right? Then the rewards alone will be worth your while to save money and not go broke towards the end of the month.

Online earning has become more accessible than ever. And through online surveys, we offer you the chance to be part of our family and make hay while the sun shines bright and earn money from home and pay off those pesky bills! We’ve told you all this because we want to thank and reward you for your intricate thoughts and opinions. We only have one question for you- WHAT’RE YOU WAITING FOR?


How Do I join Zippy Opinion?

Just follow this link – – – ->> https://in.zippyopinion.com/signup follow the steps laid out and that’s it. We’re Free, safe and most of all the most reliable as we all know.

What type of rewards does Zippy Opinion Offer?

You earn LOADS of cool E-Gift vouchers from Amazon, Paypal among many others.

Is Zippy Opinion safe?

We are among the safest survey sites in the industry. Just take a listen to what our consumers have to say . . . . . . . .>> https://in.zippyopinion.com/consumer-testimonials

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