There are few standard practices which we urge all our members to abide by; this would help to get more surveys and earn reward points.


  • Honest responses ensure timely redemption.
  • Please go through survey invitation properly before answering. Check for the instructions, if any.
  • If answering through mobile, try to attend surveys with 3G or 4G connectivity to ensure you have a proper network.
  • Try connecting with Wi-Fi (strong connectivity) to avoid excess data consumption.
  • It’s always good to have your browsers updated.
  • Kindly enable flash player in your browser to answer surveys embedded with flash videos.
  • Check your emails on a daily basis of new survey opportunity, or download our App to stay notified
  • Please add to your safe senders’ list.


  • It’s not a good practice to have multiple accounts, please avoid it.
  • Answer the surveys with honesty and avoid malpractices such as straight-lining (selecting the same choice for all the questions), speeding or answering the same survey multiple times. Our system identifies these fraudulent activities and you risk being flagged as a suspect & losing access to your account.
  • Your integrity is important everywhere including while attending surveys; please don’t lie when you answer surveys.
  • When you get stuck while taking a survey, please don’t click on the start button again. Take a screenshot of the error you encountered and send it to our support desk ( ) with a brief about the problem. We will try to resolve the issue and notify you.
  • Request all our members not to fill junk characters under open end questions (text boxes) as this will lead to termination of account and points reversal.
  • Kindly refrain from refreshing the browser while answering the surveys.
  • We love you and expect the same from you. Please do not be idle and participate actively to receive more surveys.
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