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Sign Up & Login

  • 1. How do I register? expand_more
    • Head to https://in.zippyopinion.com/
    • Click on ‘Join Us’
    • Fill in your details in the Sign-Up Form and hit Register
    • A verification email will be sent to your Zippy Opinion-registered email ID
    • Open the email and click/tap on ‘Activate Now!’ to start your journey as a Zippian 👍
    Now, we request you to accurately fill in your profile information to tremendously increase your chances of receiving relevant surveys to optimally earn rewards.
  • 2. What profile information do you need? expand_more
    Apart from basic demographic information, such as age, gender, and region, we also ask questions about your profession, interests, and ownership of products and services. We completely understand if you have any concerns about data privacy but rest assured that your personal data will not be used for any malicious purposes and we honour our members' social privacy.
  • 3. Why do you need my personal information? expand_more
    To ensure the optimum value of your time and opinions, we will invite you only to those surveys that best match your demographic profile and interests. In order to do so, Zippy Opinion requires a certain level of personal information from you. This information is used only to profile each member for our surveys. Zippy Opinion respects your privacy and supports the rights of its members by limiting the use of its information for legitimate marketing research purposes only.
  • 4. What will you do with my personal information? expand_more
    When you fill out a survey, Zippy Opinion uses your responses along with other participants’ responses to inform clients about consumer’s attitudes about their products or services. The registration information you fill out gives clients a general picture of what types of people filled out the survey: how many men versus women, average level of education, etc. We use your e-mail address to send you invitations to participate in new surveys and to contact you with messages about Zippy Opinion. We use your postal address to mail any survey-related incentives or product samples.
  • 5. Will I be spammed with undesired/unsolicited mails? expand_more
    You will only receive emails and text messages from us when we have a survey from you. Additionally, if you are using the AvidOpinion app to take surveys on Zippy Opinion, then you may also receive push notifications for surveys when made available. This is to ensure that you are quick to take surveys before the quota is full.
  • 6. Is there any membership rule-book? / Are there any membership rules I should know about? expand_more

    The main principle for membership and the way we treat our members are based on honesty and authenticity.
    We ask our members to answer our surveys honestly. With our quality checks in place, we ensure that surveys have been answered at an appropriate time, and sufficiently well. Members who do not follow these simple principles will risk having their account deleted and losing their reward(s).

  • 7. I never received my confirmation email to activate my account. expand_more

    There are a variety of reasons for this to happen. The email may still be in transit. Depending on internet traffic, it can take a couple of hours for emails to arrive. This is more likely to happen around the holidays and peak sending times. Ensure that you have given the correct email – no spaces or spelling errors. Please check your spam/junk/promotion folder as there are chances the Activation email may have landed in the mentioned folders. Despite this, if you have still not received an email, navigate back to the registration page and re-enter your email to prompt another confirmation mail.

  • 8. I am not able to login to my Zippy Opinion Account. What should I do? expand_more

    This may be due to using a different email ID, a different password, or a misspelt password. If you don’t remember your credentials, then please reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page. A link will be sent to your registered email Id from where you can reset your password and then login to your account.
    If you are still unable to login then please write the issue to in.support@zippyopinion.com

  • 9. What is the eligibility to join Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Zippy Opinion is open to anyone who has attained legal adult age with a valid email address and is a legal resident of the Country with which Zippy Opinion has panels.

  • 10. Is there an app where I can take Zippy Opinion surveys? expand_more

    Yes. Absolutely! We have our very own AvidOpinion app which is available for both Apple and Android devices. However, before you download and use the app you must be registered and verified on Zippy Opinion using the website. Once that’s done, you may use your Zippy Opinion credentials to login to your account and start getting paid surveys on your smartphone.

    AvidOpinion for Apple - https://apple.co/36DKTVP

    AvidOpinion for Android - https://bit.ly/2U9kDQr

    (Please note that servicing and processing functions in the Zippy Opinion app have been discontinued due to which you may not receive your rewards. We strongly urge you to migrate to the AvidOpinion App to continue enjoying the benefits of Zippy Opinion paid surveys)

Account & Profile

  • 1. What is a Consumer Panel? expand_more

    A Consumer Panel consists of a group of consumers from various segments, who are generally recruited by research companies and agencies and are believed to represent the entire market. Their opinion is regarded as a sample to determine their attitudes, values, and beliefs and gain some understanding of the total market. They are treated as respondents to answer specific research questions relating to product testing, taste testing, ad testing, or other areas.

  • 2. How can a panel help in the business growth of brands? expand_more

    Zippy Opinion caters to organizations and market research companies seeking authentic consumer opinions. We help them by delivering your views on issues related to their products or services and are accordingly remunerated for this service. Your opinion will have a direct impact on companies and how they market, distribute or advertise new products and services to consumers like you. Our members are in turn, rewarded for their time and participation in each survey.

  • 3. What is an online survey? expand_more

    An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the internet. Companies use your opinions on consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel, and finance to help global brands build better products and create better experiences.

  • 4. What is Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Zippy Opinion is an online platform of consumers from the fastest-growing economies who regularly share their views and opinions on a variety of issues by participating in market research surveys. By participating in these surveys, members of the Zippy Opinion influence decision-making in organizations worldwide, and help in the creation of improved products and services.

  • 5. Why should I join Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Zippy Opinion offers you a forum to have a highly personalized interaction with various brands ranging from Automotive to Healthcare, from Information Technology to Sports or Leisure. If making money online is in one form or the other is your hustle, then we urge you to register to Zippy opinion and start earning rewards for your opinion on brands.

  • 6. What is my Zippy Opinion User ID? expand_more

    It is code that is unique to you. As of now, your Zippy opinion ID will be available to you in a separate mail. All Zippy Opinion members will receive an email with their User ID details whenever it is strictly needed to participate in Zippy Opinion Contests on our Social Media Platforms. In any case, if you have not received it then please write to in.support@zippyopinion.com

  • 7. What is the Zippy Opinion Community? expand_more

    The Zippy Opinion Community is an exclusive platform for Zippy Opinion members to fraternize and socialize with each other. The Zippy Opinion Community is an exciting and interactive space for Zippians to earn more rewards by taking part in challenges and contests that are exclusive to the Zippy Opinion Community. Additionally, Zippians can also answer some fun polls and discover the opinions of their fellow Zippians.

  • 8. How can I be a part of the Zippy Opinion Community? expand_more

    Every Zippy Opinion member has easy access to join the Zippy Opinion Community. All you have to do is login to Zippy Opinion. Once you are in your dashboard,

    • Click on ‘Community’ from the Navigation bar
    • Welcome to Zippy Community

    Super simple! It can’t get any easier than that! We reiterate, there are no membership fees. It’s totally free!

  • 9. Is the membership free? expand_more

    Yes, it is and will continue to always be free!

    We charge ZERO membership fees for both Zippy Opinion and the Zippy Opinion Community. We’re more about listening to your Opinions and rewarding you for them, not the other way around.

  • 10. What benefit will I get after successful profile completion? expand_more

    You get a Profile Completion Bonus worth INR 60. How cool is that!? The more profile information you enter, the more surveys you receive and more likely to complete. Having your profile information complete ensures that you receive surveys relevant to your profile and interest which could bring you more rewards.

  • 11. How do I update my contact information, including my name, email or mailing address? expand_more

    To update your contact information, including your name, email address, postal address, and/or phone number, login to your Zippy Opinion profile. In the dashboard, click on “Your Profile” tab and then “Update Profile” and follow the instructions provided.

  • 12. Do I need to update my profile regularly? expand_more

    We strongly urge you to update your profile once a month in order to increase your chances of achieving higher survey completion, thereby increasing your chances of earning the most rewards it is possible to earn.

  • 13. Can I have more than one membership account? expand_more

    No, each person can only register with one account. Our system identifies multiple account entries, and we reserve the right to delete any account where members have attempted to register with multiple accounts.

  • 14. How do I change my password? expand_more

    To change your Zippy Opinion password, login to the Zippy Opinion website using your email address and current password. Click on the “Your Profile” tab and then “Update Profile” and follow the instructions provided.

  • 15. I’ve forgotten my password, what can I do? expand_more

    Please reset your password by clicking/tapping the “forgot password” link on the login page. We will send you a link to your registered email ID, clicking on that you can reset your password.

  • 16. How can I check how many Zippy Points I have? expand_more

    To check your account balance and see how many Zippy Points you have earned, login to the Zippy Opinion website, click on the “Rewards” tab to check the earned points, and then redemption history.

  • 17. How can I unsubscribe from Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Your Zippy Opinion membership can be canceled by clicking on the Unsubscribe button available under the survey invitation. Additionally, you can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us by email – . in.support@zippyopinion.com

    Please note that if you deactivate your account, any rewards/money you have accumulated will not be paid, and if subsequently, you rejoin Zippy Opinion, the rewards accumulated previously would not be carried forward to a new account.

  • 18. What is the loyalty index and how do I keep it high? expand_more

    The loyalty index is your survey rating on Zippy Opinion. This loyalty index shows your credibility for taking up surveys. If you have completed a survey but aren’t receiving points for it, it may be due to your loyalty index being less than ideal. The best way to keep it high is by answering surveys honestly and in the right amount of time and not partake in malicious methods in filling out your surveys. So, remember to keep your loyalty index high to ensure you receive the best surveys with the most rewards. A high loyalty index increases your chances of answering more high-profile surveys, thereby maximizing your rewards. You can find out more about your loyalty index on the right-hand side of your Zippy Opinion Dashboard.


  • 1. What kind of survey questions will I get? expand_more

    You may get surveys that are regarding specific brand products and services you may or may not use in your everyday life. The survey questions will be based on your profile information. Please login to your account and complete the profile information properly to get the most relevant survey questions.

  • 2. How will I receive the surveys? expand_more

    We will send you an email invitation when a relevant survey will be conducted with respect to your profile information. Additionally, you may receive text messages notifications and push notifications if you are using the AvidOpinion app to take up surveys.

  • 3. What is the length of a typical survey? expand_more

    It depends on the subject matter and type of survey. Our shortest surveys could be between 1 to 5 minutes, and the longest surveys could be anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes.

  • 4. How often will I receive surveys? expand_more

    The frequency of getting surveys depends upon your accurate profile information, regular participation, and the availability of projects.

    However, we have a Perineal Points Platform (PPP) which is a tab under the dashboard, it allows you to attend more surveys through our partners.

  • 5. Can I refuse to take any survey? expand_more

    Yes, of course. It is completely your choice if you want to complete a survey or not. If you haven’t attempted any survey for a long while, you may receive an email from us checking whether you wish to continue being a member of Zippy Opinion.

  • 6. Can I leave any survey in the middle? expand_more

    Yes, of course. But, you will not earn any points from that survey. It is always advised to complete any survey to get reward points. Be aware that if you leave the survey page, you will not be able to take up the same survey again. Additionally, our smart algorithm and AI may detect you as suspicious if you attempt the same survey multiple times. Therefore, we ask that you be mindful of this to ensure you have a high loyalty index.

  • 7. The survey I completed does not show up in the ‘Total surveys completed’ section. expand_more

    Please note that only the successful completed surveys are accounted for in the ‘Total Surveys Completed’ section in your dashboard.

    In case you have completed a successful survey but it is not showing in the ‘Total Surveys Completed’ section, please write the issue to in.support@zippyopinion.com .

  • 8. How can I participate in a survey? expand_more

    You will receive survey invitations on your Zippy Opinion registered email ID, SMS notification (if selected), and via push notifications if you are using the AvidOpinion app. You may follow the instructions in the communique to go ahead with the survey.

  • 9. Why did I get the message “You are not qualified to take this survey”? expand_more

    This is because some surveys are looking for a very specific group of people who meet a very narrow set of demographic criteria. Sometimes, determining whether someone qualifies for a survey takes just a few questions, other times it may take more questions. Please know we appreciate your participation and that even when you don’t qualify, your participation helps contribute to the success of the study.

  • 10. Why do I get asked the same question more than once? expand_more

    Even though it may seem like an error that you have to answer the same questions twice, we assure you that it is on purpose. This is to ensure that a panelist is genuinely reading through the survey questions accurately and that their answers remain consistent.

  • 11. How can you ensure I will get the most relevant survey invitation? expand_more

    We send surveys based on your profile information. If you fill your profile properly, then the probability of getting the most relevant survey will be high. Please login and update your profile information.

  • 12. Is there any target to complete surveys in one month? expand_more

    No, there is no target. However, it is a good practice to complete the surveys you get so that you can earn more points and redeem e-gift vouchers from Flipkart, Amazon & Paytm.

  • 13. Why am I not getting surveys? expand_more

    It purely depends upon the panelist profile details. The more detailed your profile is, the more survey opportunities you get. We urge our members to keep updating their profile to increase the chances of getting more appropriate surveys which can be potentially completed.

    When you find yourself with some spare time and there are no survey invitations available in your inbox, we have additional survey opportunities for you to take from your account. Please login to your panel account and check the survey opportunities that match your profile.

    Additionally, if you have been inactive for a long time on Zippy Opinion, then you may not receive surveys.

  • 14. Can I put my account on hold if I am not getting time to take surveys? expand_more

    No, please mail us at in.support@zippyopinion.com for any further information.

  • 15. How do you know if my responses are accurate? expand_more

    Our system algorithm has AI-based checks within the survey to check the accuracy of the responses. We also look at the time that it takes to fill in responses in order to know whether your response is genuine or not.

  • 16. Sometimes it seems as though I’ve answered a lot of questions only to find out I don’t qualify for the whole survey. Why? expand_more

    This is because some surveys are looking for a very specific group of people who meet a very narrow set of demographic criteria. Sometimes, determining whether someone qualifies for a survey takes just a few questions, other times it may take more questions. Please know we appreciate your participation and that even when you don’t qualify, your participation helps contribute to the success of the study.

  • 17. What is ‘Quota Full’ or ‘Survey Termination’? expand_more

    Don’t be disheartened. Quota full is a part of market research surveys and the only way to work around it is to try and take the surveys as soon as you receive them.

    A person is usually terminated from a survey because he/she does not match the demographic audience, which the research client is looking for. To ensure you do not get terminated often, we recommend you to fill/update your profile so that the right surveys reach you every time.

  • 18. Why is the survey full when I just received the invitation a short time ago? expand_more

    Sometimes this occurs if a survey is generating greater than expected responses. Also, the invitations aren’t necessarily delivered right away by your email service provider. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience and thank you for your participation. Please know that more survey opportunities will become available.

Points & Rewards

  • 1. I read that I will get Zippy Points, not money. What are these points? How can I earn them? expand_more

    Zippy Points are Zippy Opinion’s very own currency that is used within the Zippy ecosystem only. Based on your personal information, we will send relevant surveys to you. As soon as you successfully complete a survey, you will earn anywhere between 5 and 250 Zippy points. You can then redeem these points against vouchers from any of our reward partner brands. You can also earn Zippy Points by participating in certain events in the Zippy Opinion Community as well as on events on Zippy Opinion Social media channels.

  • 2. How much is a Zippy Point worth? expand_more

    1 Zippy Point is worth INR 1.

  • 3. Why do I get a different amount of Zippy Points for each survey? expand_more

    The number of Zippy Points you receive depends on the length of the corresponding survey.

  • 4. Why did my Zippy Points get deducted despite not using them or redeeming them? expand_more

    Upon project closure, all the responses collected would be analyzed. If we identify any responses provided to be invalid/ inappropriate, (invalid open-end responses, junk characters, completing the study within the intended timeline, etc.) we will discard these responses, and the points awarded for the project would be deducted. Additionally, please check the rewards history on your Zippy Opinion dashboard for more detailed clarity.

  • 5. What other ways can I earn Zippy Points? expand_more

    Other than surveys, you can earn Zippy Points in the following ways:

    • Joining Bonus
    • Profile Completion Bonus
    • AvidOpinion App Registration Bonus
    • Referral Bonus
  • 6. Why can’t I get cash instead of Zippy Points? expand_more

    At Zippy Opinion, we value your privacy and correspondingly, your banking details as well. To not risk any exposure of the same to hackers, we established a Zippy Points system that you can take advantage of.

  • 7. How do I redeem my points and what is the redemption threshold? expand_more

    Login to your Zippy Opinion panel account and check the total points earned. Once you reach the redemption threshold of 500 Zippy Points, you can hit on the “Redeem” button and your Zippy Points can be redeemed for gift vouchers, coupons, and products as per your choice.

  • 8. What is the lifetime value of my Zippy Points? expand_more

    Points will be available under a member's account until they make redemptions or terminate/unsubscribe their account.

  • 9. How long does it take for my Zippy Points to be credited into my account after I complete a survey? expand_more

    You will be able to see the points in your account instantly but will be under “unapproved” status and will not be used until the points are approved upon validating the responses and closing the project. For further clarification, you may reach out to us at in.support@zippyopinion.com

  • 10. What is the maximum and minimum number of points I can get for completing a survey? expand_more

    You can get anywhere between 5 and 250 Zippy points for the successful completion of a survey.

  • 11. How can I spend my points? Can I redeem a part of my points and the rest to redeem later? expand_more

    You have the flexibility to decide your redemption amount. However, you need to redeem a minimum of 500 Zippy points at each redemption.

  • 12. Can I invite my friends to join Zippy Opinion? How? expand_more

    Yes absolutely! We’re always welcoming new members onto our platform. To invite your friends, login to your account, select “Invite Friends”. You can then use the form to invite your friends directly from your contact list.

  • 13. How many Zippy Points will I get from referring my friend to Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    We will credit your account with 40 Zippy points as a referral bonus into your account. Please note that your referral has to complete a survey in order for you to receive the referral bonus. Please note that your referral has to use your referral link while registering and activating their brand new Zippy Opinion account.

  • 14. What is the Joining bonus? expand_more

    You can receive anywhere between 10 and 110 Zippy points upon registration, depending on the source of joining.

  • 15. How long does it take for me to receive my rewards? expand_more

    All redemptions may be fulfilled within 2 to 4 weeks.

  • 16. Are Zippy Points transferable from one account to another? expand_more

    No. Zippy Points are not transferable from one account to another.

  • 17. Are there any other incentives other than points? expand_more

    For paid surveys, you only get Zippy Points. However, in certain events and contests conducted on the Zippy Opinion Community and Zippy Opinion’s Social Media Channels, some winners may receive vouchers from their favourite e-commerce shopping sites as well.

  • 18. Is there any upper limit to the number of Zippy points can I earn and keep? expand_more

    There is absolutely no limit on how many points you accumulate through our platform.

  • 19. How does Zippy Opinion send vouchers to me? expand_more

    Electronic vouchers (e-vouchers) will be sent to the email address associated with your Zippy Opinion account.

  • 20. What type of vouchers can I get? expand_more

    We offer e-gift vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart and PayTM.

  • 21. Are there any costs associated with redeeming points and receiving vouchers? expand_more

    There are no processing costs associated with redeeming Zippy Points for vouchers.

  • 22. Why was my redemption request rejected? expand_more

    Redemptions may be rejected due to a violation of our terms and conditions. Each member must “maintain and promptly update the information you provide during registration, and any other information you provide to us, so as to keep it accurate, updated and complete.” No member may create more than one account on our site as well as no surveys may be taken on IP addresses inconsistent with the registration data collected on your geography.

Technical & Privacy

  • 1. I have an error message on my login screen. What should I do? expand_more

    Try logging into Zippy opinion with the accurate credentials. If you are still unable to login, please report it to us in.support@zippyopinion.com and provide us with a screenshot of the issue.

  • 2. What if I have technical difficulties with a survey, and why does this happen? expand_more

    We do a variety of surveys for many clients. Some of these surveys are programmed by us, others are programmed by our clients and hosted on their systems. A major factor in technical issues is that survey respondents are using a wide variety of operating systems, browsers, Internet connection types, and hardware, and not all are necessarily compatible with the technology of all surveys that may be available. And, of course, sometimes, human error is a factor. If you encounter a technical problem with a survey, please report it to us at in.support@zippyopinion.com and note the Survey ID and provide a screenshot, if possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by technical errors and will do our best to get them resolved.

  • 3. My internet got disconnected in the middle of the survey. Can I complete that survey later? expand_more

    In most cases, it is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to continue your survey from where you got disconnected. In some cases, you may be allowed to continue taking the survey from where you left. This is purely dependent on each individual survey.

  • 4. Why am I not receiving any emails from Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Zippy Opinion only sends emails to Members with confirmed email addresses. If you recently joined Zippy Opinion and have never received an email from us, your email address may not be confirmed.

    We want to ensure that you have the best opportunities to earn rewards. I order to never miss any reward-laden emails from us, ensure you do the following:

    If you are on Gmail, move mail from Zippy Opinion to your primary inbox :

    • On your phone: Hit the three dots in the top right corner, tap 'move to', then tap 'primary'.
    • On your laptop: Go back and drag this mail into the primary tab near the top left.

    If you are using Apple:

    • Tap our mail address at the top of this mail, then tap 'Add to VIP’.

    Additionally, mail from Zippy Opinion could also be in the ‘Promotions’ or ‘Spam’ section on Gmail. Hence, we strongly urge you to find the mail, open it and follow the instructions given above.

  • 5. If I have received a password error message, what should I do? expand_more

    When logging in as a Member, please ensure that you are using the correct email address and password. If the issue is not solved then please reset your password by clicking on forgot password on the login page. A link will be sent to your registered email Id from where you can reset your password and then login to your account.

  • 6. What are the privacy terms to keep my personal data safe with Zippy Opinion? expand_more

    Our relationship with members is based on trust, and we take every step to protect personal information. We do not pass your details on to third parties for marketing purposes. Your personal information is highly confidential and we never divulge any information about our members. This is strictly against our company’s policy.

    Please read our privacy policy for details of how we process your personal data.

  • 7. Why do you ask personal questions like salary? expand_more

    We ask most specific questions in surveys based on brands for whom surveys are conducted. Questions are meant to understand whether you are within the target segment for attending the survey or not.

  • 8. Is my personal data shared with others? expand_more

    No, your personal data is not shared with others. It is safe with us. Our relationship with members is based on trust, and we take every step to protect personal information.
    Please read our privacy policy for details of how we process your personal data.

  • 9. Will Zippy Opinion sell my email address? expand_more

    Absolutely NOT. Zippy Opinion is firmly committed to protect your privacy. We promise that we will never willfully sell, trade, rent, disclose, or make available your identity, email address, phone number, or home address to any outside third party without receiving your authorization to do so, or unless we are required to do so by a court decision or by a public authority.

Survey Terminology

  • 1. Unanswered expand_more

    This term means that the survey has been delivered to the respondent and that it has been received but the survey taker has not opened the survey yet.

  • 2. Terminate expand_more

    In every survey, there will always be a process of screening the participants to check if their profile matches the criteria required for the survey. In case the survey taker does not meet the required criteria for the survey, the survey will be terminated immediately. Don’t fret though! Cuz we love you so much, we’ll give you some Zippy points as a termination bonus.

  • 3. Complete expand_more

    This means that the respondent has successfully completed the survey and totally deserves all the points we promised to give you for the survey in question (no pun intended!).

  • 4. Quota Full expand_more

    This means that although you have completed the survey, the quota or required number of participants has already been fulfilled. But don’t be too disappointed if this message pops up on your screen. We’ve got you covered! We’ll give you some Quota Full points on our behalf as an act of goodwill.

  • 5. Survey Closed expand_more

    This means that the survey taker or respondent tried to take up the survey but was unable to open the survey invitation as the project is closed. This happens cuz the survey was put up well before the time you were able to part-take in it. Hence, always ensure that you take up surveys as you receive them for maximum benefits! It’s like the old saying goes- “Make hay while the sun shines.”

  • 6. Timed Out expand_more

    This means that you started taking up a survey but left it halfway. Maybe your friend came to visit you and you got held up with that. Or maybe your boss caught you taking surveys in the middle of your day job and yelled at you and you had to keep the survey and phone aside. Remember Zippians, you will be automatically timed out of the survey 1 hour after you have started it.

  • 7. Suspicious expand_more

    Our state-of-the-art technology can pick up suspicious activity from a respondent without fail. This status can mean two things. One is that the survey taker is suspected as a Speedster- Someone who whizzes through surveys without actually reading the questions and answering them honestly.

  • 8. Possible Duplicate expand_more

    If a respondent tries to answer or take up the same survey multiple times, then this terminology is used by our system to classify the survey attempt as a possible duplicate using your IP address.

  • 9. Fraudulent expand_more

    Survey sites share your thoughts and opinions with their clients, who need your valuable voice to help them understand what you want as an end consumer. However, in the event these clients with their high-tech software programs confirm that the respondent is marked as a bad response based on their feedback, then the system will mark you as fraudulent. Remember kids, don’t break the rules and regulations!

  • 10. Quality Terminate expand_more

    This term means that the survey from the respondent was terminated due to the system detecting some irregularities in the quality of the response. The quality controls in place sometimes ensure this status.

  • 11. Pre-Screen Started expand_more

    This means that the respondent has begun taking up the pre-screener survey but has not yet taken up the client survey yet. Remember Zippians, make the bank hereby successfully completing surveys.

  • 12. Pre-Screen Terminate expand_more

    This status pops up due to the respondent being unable to pass the pre-screener test criteria to take up the client survey, hence resulting in a pre-screener terminate status.

  • 13. Pre-Screen Timed out expand_more

    As we said before, respondents are automatically timed out of the survey 1 hour after taking it up. When this is done on a pre-screener survey, it is termed as a pre-screen time-out.

  • 14. Bad GeoIP expand_more

    This term is in reference to the termination of the survey response that occurs due to the IP address not being valid to the target demographic that the survey was intended to reach.

  • 15. Technical Terminate expand_more

    This status occurs when a respondent’s survey participation was terminated on the basis of the survey compatibility project settings. This includes controls like the type of device that the respondent is using to answer the survey i.e. Widows, iOS or Android, etc. It could even happen to the flash or webcam device of the respondent being used. Therefore, kindly follow the steps mentioned in the survey accurately, my pals!

  • 16. Unsubscribed expand_more

    This term indicates that the respondent was part of the selection for the survey, but unsubscribed before they could take it up or answer the said survey. Talk about bad timing!

  • 17. Started expand_more

    The respondent has started the survey but has not completed it yet. This could be due to the time barrier or any other constraints.

About Zippy Opinion
Zippy Opinion is one of the top paid online survey sites in India. Consumers can participate in our online consumer surveys, share their opinions on products with their favorite brands, earn money online, and win free vouchers and other exciting rewards! The Zippy Opinion Rewards Program lets you redeem your Zippy Points for free shopping vouchers and gift cards from our reward partner brands.
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