The following are the frequently encountered terms used in the survey industry; while we reward all our members for their opinions, we also wish to keep them abreast with these terminologies:
  • Unanswered arrow_drop_down
    • The initial status when a respondent is invited for a survey but has not yet opened it.
  • arrow_drop_downStarted
    • The respondent has entered the survey page, but not completed the survey.
  • arrow_drop_downTerminate
    • The respondent was screened out from the client survey as the respondent does not match the study criteria.
  • arrow_drop_downComplete
    • The respondent has successfully completed the survey.
  • arrow_drop_downQuota Full
    • The respondent was terminated from the survey as the quotas for that specific target group was already met.
  • arrow_drop_downSurvey Closed
    • The respondent tried to enter on a survey invitation that was no longer valid (Project closed).
  • arrow_drop_downTimed Out
    • The respondent started a survey but never finished. Respondents are automatically timed out 1 hour after they have started any survey.
  • arrow_drop_downSuspicious
    • The respondent answered the survey in a suspicious way; could be a speedster (completed the survey much within the allotted time), straightliner (selecting the same choice for all the questions).
  • arrow_drop_downPossible Duplicate
    • Respondent caught by the Unique Respondent de-duplication function, wherein respondents try to answer the same survey multiple times with the same IP.
  • arrow_drop_downFraudulent
    • The respondent was marked as a bad response based on feedback from the client.
  • arrow_drop_downQuality Terminate
    • The respondent was terminated from the survey based on quality controls enabled in the survey.
  • arrow_drop_downPre-screen Started
    • The respondent started a pre-screener survey but has not started the client survey yet.
  • arrow_drop_downPre-screen Terminate
    • The respondent was terminated from a pre-screener survey.
  • arrow_drop_downPre-screen Timed out
    • The respondent was timed out from a pre-screener survey.
  • arrow_drop_downBad GeoIP
    • The respondent was terminated due to Geo IP validation.
  • arrow_drop_downTechnical Terminate
    • The respondent was terminated based on survey compatibility project settings, eg. device type (mobile, tablet, standard), Flash/webcam.
  • arrow_drop_downUnsubscribed
    • The respondent was a part of the selection, but unsubscribed from the panel without responding to the survey invitation.
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