Asif Imonk

The best gift a consumer can expect for providing a genuine feedback for any service, is a little reward for their time spent. A panel that provides great rewards for a consumer’s survey like Zippy Opinion is much needed in this competitive digital age for any brand.

Kalindi Kulkarni

I am glad to be a member of Zippy Opinion and do its surveys. This gives me an opportunity to express my views on the subject of the surveys and I feel happy to make my contribution. Glad to be chosen by you. Thanks!

Susan Susan George

Really enjoying the interesting surveys from various topics. Being selected in the contest made me proud & privileged. I have become too close to the Zippy family once more.

Rashid Qureshi

Thank you guys for the great efforts put to complete the important piece of work. Together we can do much more in the coming days.

P J Sudharshan

Zippy Opinion was probably the first survey company I signed-in with and have never had cause for complaint. The surveys are tailored to you to make them more interesting and the frequency you receive them in is also suited to your needs.

Sourabh Bhunje

Market surveys on Zippy Opinion are very interesting, with great interface of website, I always like to answer the surveys and to earn Zippy points. Redemption is also easy and contests are like topping on your rewards.

Pooja Gupta

I would like to say that Zippy Opinion is a great platform for consumers. It is organized and conducts good surveys for consumers. All the best Zippy, keep it up!!

Seema M Raibagi

One of the best websites to give your opinions and earn!! Easy to access and understand, anyone can handle it easily. Request you all to visit this wonderful website and earn, friends!

Priyanka Kasare

I love Zippy Opinion because I get to express my view on different brands easily. They even they pay me for that, which is a cherry on the cake. I have many options for voucher which is great as I love shopping online. Their social media contests are also unique and fun.

Shivani Kumari

It was fun taking part in social media contests with Zippy Opinion. Hope to win more contests and earn more in the future.

Pooja Das

Zippy Opinion team always delivers on their promises! It is one of the best online survey sites ever!

Ashesh Anubhav Sahoo

I am using Zippy Opinion for the past 1 year and it is really great. In my free time I can easily earn money, which is great. Thanks Zippy Opinion!

Nikhil Parmar

I love being a member of Zippy Opinion. I’m glad that my opinions are valued and paid well, interesting surveys and great rewards make this one of the best survey site.

Papan Bhatia

It is really great to be a part of ZIPPY OPINION website and take surveys, win and earn !

Umesh Kumar Sharma

I am a Zippy member since 1 and half year. I have completed too many surveys based on my hobbies, interests, etc. and redeemed points for gift cards from shopping brands such as Flipkart, Free Charge, etc.

Archna Anand

I love Zippy Opinion a lot! I may not qualify for a few surveys, but I still get rewarded and that is its speciality. I love Zippy Opinion!

Poonam Dedhia

I enjoyed playing the contest and am truly thrilled of being selected for the reward. I love all the surveys which are simple. THANKS AGAIN.

Rahul Nair

Thank you to Zippy Opinion for providing this wonderful opportunity to participate in a contest like this. Hope that you may bring out more contests and better prizes in the future. Thanks a lot.

Zainab K Lakdawala

I am elated to have won the Zippy Sports Name Contest. I always look forward to the contests that are held by Zippy Opinion as they are unique. I also receive interesting surveys by Zippy Opinion which I try to complete it as and when it has been sent.

Kumar Dayanand

I love Zippy Opinion! It gives me low time surveys for high value. I get Zippy Points which I redeem with my favorite shopping brand vouchers.

Abhishek Kumar

I love the surveys from Zippy Opinion India. It lets me win lots of rewards without investing anything at all.

Soniya Kyeol

Hi Zippy Opinion, I am really glad that I won a contest on your social media page. Thank you Zippy!

Jagannadha Raju

I have been on Zippy Opinion from a long time and I enjoy taking their surveys and answering their contests. It is a pleasure to be a member.

Pramila Chirukandan

Zippy Opinion is a platform to share your views with very unique surveys. The topics are modern and relevant to make the world a better place.

Lavina Dhankani

I have been on Zippy Opinion from a long time and I enjoy taking their surveys and answering their contests. It is a pleasure to be a member.

Jai Raj

In the past, I had a bad experience with a few survey sites in which nothing happened after redeeming. However, after I redeemed and received the reward from Zippy Opinion, my faith in survey sites increased. They also give reward vouchers within a week after my claim, unlike others who take one to two month. Thanks, Zippy Opinion!

Harleen Kaur

Thanks, Zippy. I feel this is the most genuine survey site I have ever participated in. Thank you guys for being so good, innovative, and most importantly honest.

Vaishali Gupta

With Zippy Opinion I get an opportunity to share my opinions on goods and services, which otherwise is not always possible. Along with this, I am rewarded for my views.

Abhishek Mishra

It’s really fun to complete surveys here on Zippy Opinion! The contests here are unique and a good way to get together the Zippy community on social networking site.

Sumita Kapoor

Its a platform where you can express your views. I love that I am a part of the Zippy family. Thanks a ton, you really made my day! Nothing can be better than winning with your favorite page.

Ingrid Monteiro

I have really enjoyed participating in surveys and contests organized by Zippy Opinion because they are not only fun but also very informative and educational!

Anup Verma

I am a delightful user of Zippy Opinion. For the user, there are plenty of surveys to be answered, and they provide good rewards as well. The maintain the user’s privacy and don’t spam the mail inbox. I recommend user to be a panelist of Zippy and enjoy a rewarded relationship 🙂

Sandeep Singh

I am Using Zippy Opinion since 2015, and want to thank the team for their service! They have given me a platform to earn. Zippy Opinion app is very convenient to use and easy to earn. We have to provide legitimate and honest answers for every survey to receive rewards.

Debasmita Dhar

Zippy Opinion is a safe and very genuine survey site. I love Zippy Opinion!

Mukunda V

I like Zippy Opinion very much! Proud to say, I am a member of Zippy Opinion and have completed one year and earned many rewards. Zippy Opinion is a genuine and trusted site. It has opened up the world of extra income to me.

Aniket Ranjan

Zippy Opinion is one of the best ways to utilize your free time in office and get paid as well. Those little extra bucks bring you a smile on your face.

Anil Bhatnagar

Zippy Opinion is a great platform to keep a retired person engaged. It helps to keep the mind alert and gives me something to always look forward to. The points earned through the successful completion of surveys gives a thrill when one converts the points to earn gifts from a very wide choice. Just the right dose to keep a retired person happy, cheerful, hale and hearty.

Naveez Syed

I am very happy to be a part the online survey site Zippy Opinion. It has nice surveys which are fun to do! Social media contests are a cherry on the cake.

Yashna Chawla

Zippy opinion is one of the most genuine company’s to answer surveys and make some money. It gives you the opportunity to earn from home which is very cool. I am very honored to be associated with Zippy opinion.

Rahul Mehta

I have enjoyed answering surveys on Zippy Opinion very much. The range of surveys are very good and are very exciting.

Asha Radhakrishnan

Hi, I enjoy taking surveys on Zippy Opinion site. It’s easy to earn points, and it helps to redeem gift vouchers — I am one great fan of this site.

Bithika Vishnoi

Zippy Opinion is one of the best survey sites I have ever come across. It is very loyal to its participants. It rewards for every survey, which you complete. I am in love with it and really enjoy it. Earn with Fun. Thanks a lot, Zippy Opinion.

Ajay Choudhary

It’s has been a nice experience with Zippy Opinion so far. Earlier I was skeptical, but now it has won my trust. Thanks!

Mitesh Nisar

Its being journey of 1 year and I am very happy with Zippy Opinion. In my short time, there have been 5-6 redemption requests and vouchers. Thanks, Zippy Opinion for making my time very special with Amazon vouchers.

Vishal Singh Rotele

Zippy Opinion has been a blessing for me this year. It has not only given me surveys which I enjoy but also the chance to improve the quality experience for many companies. Being a core technical professional myself, I have given many relevant surveys to my field. It has been a smooth ride this year. Kindly keep up the good work. I am expecting more in 2019. All the best!

Shilpa Gupta

Hi! I want to share my experience with this app. I love doing surveys here because it is a legit, trustworthy site. Registration and participation are easy and absolutely free. Points earned can be redeemed at Amazon and Flipkart. We get the details of our reward points every month in addition to prompt communication regarding our redemption or e-vouchers. Other sites I have participated in keep us waiting, and we have to follow-up or generate tickets regarding our redemption money. So basically, Zippy Opinion is hassle-free as surveys are also short and easy to attend. I just love their contests and offers too. If one is regular with this app he/she can earn good amount of money to begin with or as an extra cash. Thank you zippy opinion.
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