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Top 10 Surprising Facts on Human Beings

Human beings are a different class of species altogether. Right from our awareness of life and the ability to be sentient, we tend to understand and feel things differently when compared to other species on this beautiful ball of green and blue we call planet Earth.

Today, we at Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites in the world will be looking at some truly surprising facts about human beings you probably didn’t know about. That is… Until now. Without going through too much, let’s take a look at the 10 most intriguing facts about the Homo Sapiens that we are. Let’s get ready to be surprised.

John Snow, I’m ready

#1 The human body produces 25 million new cells every second  🦠

Let us put that in perspective. By this data, in the last 15 seconds, your body will have produced more cells than there are people in the United States of America. Who knew our bodies could be so productive while we’re relaxing and eating a bag of chips on our couch! Makes you think how much more is possible in the future of bio-technology. Maybe we will be able to clone ourselves one day!

#2 Humans once worshipped Turkeys as Gods 🦃

What? Something that humans eat now was worshipped back in the day? Maybe it was cuz of the demeanor of the turkey itself with its crest or maybe some other reason, but the Mayans believed that Turkeys were vessels of the Gods! Who knew something found on the Thanksgiving dinner table today could be worshipped by the Mayans back in 300 BC.

#3 Our life expectancy was between 30 to 40 years till the 1800s 🚑

Can you imagine being born only to know that you have on an average of about 35 years to live your best life? That’s a truly horrifying thought! The advancement of medicine and technology has increased out life expectancy rate by a high rate. Back in the day, barely anyone lived past 40 due to the various

#4 Some of us dream only in black and white 😴

In a study conducted about dreaming, most people claimed that they dream in colours. However, roughly 12% of people allegedly only dream in black and white. It’s like being back in the days before colour television sets were invented. Tell us about your dreams, Zippians. Do you have colourful dreams or are they gray-scaled?

Dreams, A boy dreaming

#5 We produce about 2 bathtubs of Saliva over a year  🤤

Holy Smokes! Do we really drool that much? Two whole bathtubs of our Saliva on an average?! How oh how is that even possible? We can’t begin to imagine how much saliva we produce. Actually, now that we think about how much we drool, we’re left wondering whether if that amount is too high or too low.

#6 60 % of the human body is made up of water 🌊

This one I’m sure most of y’all knew about already. But we put it in there anyway. But guess what you didn’t know. No wonder that we’re advised to keep being hydrated and drinking water whenever we can. Our body is made up mostly of water. Although we’re flesh and bones as well, there’s also the fact that most of our body constitutes of water. Makes us think if we as human beings were based on water before.

#7 Cleopatra was not an Egyptian by ethnicity 👑

This came as one of the biggest surprises to us! The most notable Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra isn’t of Egyptian descent? Will wonders never cease! So then the rea question is what really is her heritage and ethnicity? The answer will shock you! She was of Macedonian Greek descent. Apparently, this was due to all the conquerors of other nations that continuously kept invading Egypt.

#8 We are taller in the morning  🦒

We know what you’re thinking of- That you’re going to measure your height only in the morning from now on. Hahahaha. We wouldn’t blame you even a slight bit. After all, we all want to feel a little bit taller than we are. And technically, we wouldn’t really be lying about our height, would we now? *wink*

A boy measuring his height

#9 Blood makes up 8% of our body weight 💉

This was surprising to us as well. We know that bone density plays a role in adding weight. But blood actually making up 8% of our body weight? That’s astonishing. But it’s not as surprising considering that our heart beats about 100,000 times a day.

#10 We need only 1 kidney to live ❤️

This one’s for all the alcohol drinkers out there. Fret not! Even if one of your kidneys goes for a toss, you can take comfort in the fact that you still have another kidney that can work without the one that’s damaged. Also, kidneys can grow back little by little even if something happens to it. But only under certain circumstances. There’s no guarantee for it. We won’t say drinking is good or bad. That’s up to you as an individual to decide and believe in. However, we will say this. Excess of anything is bad and one will often face repercussions for indulging in excessive drinking. Let’s leave it at that.

So there we have it, a list of strange facts you probably didn’t know about human beings. Maybe you already knew some of them, others you maybe didn’t know about. Tell us if you know any other strange and unknown facts about human beings in the comment section below.


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