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Things you won’t believe are illegal in the USA

Pre-1985 Children’s books

Well we’re starting off this list with an awfully odd one. But wait till you hear why. Supposedly, books that were printed before the year 1985 may have traces of lead embedded in them. And this apparently, can cause brain damage among children. If someone in the USA found an old book and tried to sell it without following the proper protocols and law, then they are in violation of a federal law! We’ve heard looks could kill. But who knew books could kill too!

Children’s story books

Kinder Eggs

Kinder Eggs are illegal? Even though they’re available all across the world, Kinder eggs are banned in the United States. And if you asked this to a friend in the US, we’re sure they wouldn’t be surprised. The FDA has considered these illegal due to the fact that they contain a ‘non-nutrient object embedded’ within them. What’s this illegal item? That’s right! You guessed it! The small toy in the center of the chocolate egg! However, we doubt Americans would miss this much with the different varieties of chocolates that are available to them.

Shark Fin Soup

We’re sure that you’re no stranger to this fact. But Shark Fin soup is coveted in the East Asian countries. While this is still ever so popular in East Asia, it is quite gruesome to watch them finning the sharks. These sea creatures may be quite dangerous in the sea. But they are merely protective of their environment from us humans. But finning them while they are still alive is simply too painful to imagine. Quite rightly, this fact coupled with the decreasing shark population prompted the United States to ban the finning practice in US waters in the year 2000. However, the delicacy of Shark Fin Soup is still coveted and consumed all around the globe, which is a sad sight, really.

Cadbury Chocolate

Yes! This is actually illegal in the United States of America! But there’s a legal reason for this one. Apparently, back in 1988, which seems like a long time ago now if we’re being honest the chocolate company Hershey bought the rights for the operations of the British Cadbury Company to be conducted in American soil. Hershey winning the court case to ban the sale or import of Cadbury chocolate in 2015 further reinstated the fact that we won’t be seeing the iconic Dairy Milk in the United States anytime in the near future. This seems more like a brand war in which people were deprived of the ever famous Cadbury chocolate. But we think everyone’s gonna be okay and not really miss it all that much. Don’t ya think, Zippians?

Raw Milk

The FDA has rightfully banned all unpasteurized milk aka raw milk from being sold anywhere in the United States of America. This was done is 1987. Although American laws may differ from state to state, most states follow the banning of raw milk. The only places these are probably allowed to be sold is when it is sold at the farm itself. So this seems to be a win for all parties involved except the final consumer, who has to pay the extra price. But it’s a small price to pay for something that goes into your cereal.

Internet Café (Florida)

All the way back in 2013, the then Governor of Florida banned illegal gambling in internet cafes. But through sheer extension of the same, they ended up cracking down and shutting Internet Cafes instead. This law was signed into place by Governor Rick Scott in the year 2013. As of today, the whole concept of internet cafes seem to be quite moot as we have very fast internet and a computer capable of doing amazing things sitting right in our pocket. We’ll miss you internet cafes, but we’re better off without them these days, right Zippians?

Collaborating with Pirates

This is a puzzling one! Since this is pretty obvious! One does not simply collaborate with pirates. I mean, it’s not like they’re doing it willingly. It’s from the sheer threat their life may be in. Who would want to collaborate with an actual real-world pirate? But we think it’s more to do with really old laws that have remained and not been removed from the laws. I mean, it’s high time that they really should be. Even today, the law exists and says that “consults, combines, confederates, or corresponds with any pirate or robber upon the seas” will face prosecution. Anyone collaborating with Captain Jack Sparrow would be prosecuted in those times as well as today!

Metal Slides in playgrounds

According to KinderCare, even rubberized and plastic playgrounds that have safer materials built may be responsible for injuries to over 200,000 each year being send to the hospital. However, that’s nothing compared to the total number of kids that were injured back in the days of metal slides. Most lay equipment from the previous generation has been banned and changed to safer alternatives. Lay off the metal and you won’t get hurt, right?

Guess what’s not illegal in the United States?

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