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The Best Gifts you can give this Father’s day

Father’s Day, introduced in June 1910 in the United States of America pays tribute to the paternal bond, connections, and sentiments that outlay the paternal figures in our life. However, it has to be said that this day was introduced only after the more popular day celebrated (and rightly so!), Mother’s Day in 1907.

Despite the many Father’s Days that have gone through the years, there remains one problem we all face – What do I get my dad for Father’s Day?

It’s a puzzler alright! While there are plenty of things that you know your dad could do with, you want to get something that he’ll always cherish and remember. You don’t want to get something you might find in the attic or the basement a few years down the line. So without any further ado, we at Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites in the world, want to take you shopping for your Father’s Day gift… Well, at least we’ll give you some ideas on what could be the most perfect Father’s Day gift.

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A Quality Watch ⌚

A good solid watch adds a certain panache to his demeanor. A watch is an absolute necessity for any dad when he goes out either to a party or a presentation. And nothing is more appreciated that a punctual person. If your father is a fan of gadgets and technology, then you can even go the extra mile and get him a smartwatch instead. There’s plenty available in the market today. Go ahead and choose the one you think is the best.

Picture this – Every time he looks to see the time, he’s reminded of the fact that you got him this timepiece.

Perfume that makes a statement 👃

A good-smelling individual seems more likeable and presentable. Let’s be honest, bad body odor is something that turns off a lot of people. So if your dad has body odor issues get him something that he’ll thank you for when he’s able smell like the most polished man in the room. Even if he doesn’t have body odor issues, there isn’t any reason for a person to not have a quality smelling perfume in his collection.

Necktie and Cufflink combo 👔

We know this is a cliché. However, you cannot go wrong with buying a good tie and cufflink combo. Knowing our dads more than other people in the world, we know the fashion choices most dads make when it comes to their ties and cufflinks – probably something large and ungodly. However, you can make sure your father has the best tie when they’re attending a meeting or a party. Get him a tie that gives him a glow up and makes everyone look at him like he’s the smartest-dressed man in the room.

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Shoes that would sweep the floor 👞

A handsome pair of shoes catches anyone’s eye. Whether it’s a formal pair of shoes or a pair of casual shoes, make sure it’s something that goes with the clothes he wears. You don’t want something that seems loud. A pair of shoes that look suave and blend with the outfit whilst also subtly stand out are the shoes you’re looking for. If you dad is into outdoor activities, then a good pair of sports shoes would be your ideal gift on Father’s Day.

Just make sure that you keep comfort and aesthetics in mind when choosing the shoe of his dreams. Also, make sure you don’t mess up the size of your dad’s feet while buying the shoes.

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