Here's why Every Survey Panelist needs to Download AvidOpinion

Here’s why Every Survey Panelist needs to Download AvidOpinion

Paid surveys are universal. Anyone can actually take up paid surveys and start earning online from it. It’s something that most people don’t know but should! We can only take advantage of tools and benefit from services that we know of. So even if no one has heard about it, the best way to ensure that more people find out how to make money online through surveys is by writing about it and telling more and more people about it. So here’s more information about AvidOpinion, the best paid survey app you didn’t know how badly you needed.

What is AvidOpinion? 🤷

If you haven’t got the memo yet or you’re new here, then allow us to explain how great AvidOpinion App can be for any survey taker that regularly takes surveys and gets paid. AvidOpinion is All in One. You get one single app to take surveys across multiple panels for your survey taking need.

 Why AvidOpinion? Why not another app? ❔

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That’s right. Like how Amazon is for sellers, AvidOpinion is for Survey Platforms, and the customers are like the buyers. This enables you aka ‘the buyer’ to have a wide range of choices when it comes to taking up paid surveys all with the convenience of One App – The AvidOpinion App.

What more do I get from using AvidOpinion? ❓

The AvidOpinion app is in the early stage of its eternal life. Despite this, you as a survey taker have access to various features that is already state-of-the-art in the paid survey universe. Despite this, there are more and more features to come in the times ahead. For now, we’ve compiled a list of uniquely useful features that are sure to get you excited to download the AvidOpinion app. We’ll explain while you sit back, relax and hear us out.

App-exclusive contests 🎊


Get ready for a whole new perspective on taking contests on your smartphone. The AvidOpinion App will give fresh perspective to taking up and participating in contests and challenges. Right from Trivia to Quizzes to various other initiatives and events, you can expect Zippy Opinion’s AvidOpinion contests to ‘WOW’ you to the moon and back! Some MEGA rewards await you from the month of April. So take charge and hit your stride running. All this and more on the AvidOpinion App only.

Easy and on-the-go 🤳

What’s better than taking surveys for money on your laptop or desktop? The answer is taking paid surveys with an app on your phone. It’s just so convenient to use and you can be engaged on with all the latest and greatest Zippy Opinion has to offer all the time. Since you have this powerful computer call a smartphone in your pocket, what’s stopping you from being notified and earning rewards?

Multiple Survey Panel Access

If you’re part of the Zippy Opinion panel as well as a few other panels, it becomes tough to manage all these survey panels. You have to either access multiple websites or have multiple apps for taking surveys. Instead, why not have all your survey panels in one app? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Then what you’re looking for is the AvidOpinion App. If you’re not convinced by this amazingly crucial and beneficial feature, then we have more reasons for you to hit that download button on your smartphone’s app market. Read on…

Multiple Geographic Panel Access 📳

If you’re a panelist that loves travelling across different countries, then what do you do? Fret not! Zippy Opinion has this base covered as well. Even if you move around travelling to multiple nations, you can access all your panels here, which means that you can make the most out of the country you’re in by taking up surveys there. So whether you’re in India or the United States of America or any other country, you can just register yourself to that panel or if you’re already registered, all you gotta do is sign in to your panel using the AvidOpinion App. And voila! Just like that, you’re a globe-trotting survey taker!

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I’m convinced! How Do I Download the AvidOpinion app? 🙌

Before you download the AvidOpinion app, register to Zippy Opinion. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Head to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Join Us’
  • Enter your details and Register
  • Verify via your email ID
  • Attend Surveys
  • Earn Rewards

Once you’re done with that, download the AvidOpinion App using one of the links below:

For Android Users

For iOS Users

Once downloaded, enter the common registered email address that you use for all your survey panels. You’ll get an OTP on your email ID. Complete the process to find the names of all the panels you have access to. Login with all of them once and start using the AvidOpinion app to the best of its abilities. You can switch between panels very easily if you want to too.

That’s All, Folks ✔️

When it’s all said and done, AvidOpinion’s potential to grow seems unrivalled in the survey world. However, there is only one way to go and that’s up. This is a one-of-a-kind app that is in its infancy. It will only grow, grow and grow given more time to nurture and blossom in the times ahead. So tell us, do you want to get on board and reap all the benefits of AvidOpinion, or do you want to be fashionably late to the party? Let us know all your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.


Tell me how I can become a ZIPPAN Today.

Just follow this link – – – ->> follow the steps laid out and that’s it. We’re Free, safe and most of all the most reliable as we all know.

Will I be spammed with undesired/unsolicited mails?

When you fill out a survey, Zippy Opinion uses your responses along with other participants’ responses to inform clients about consumer’s attitudes about their products or services. The registration information you fill out gives clients a general picture of what types of people filled out the survey: how many men versus women, average level of education, etc. We use your e-mail address to send you invitations to participate in new surveys and to contact you with messages about Zippy Opinion. We use your postal address to mail any survey-related incentives or product samples.

Are paid surveys worth the time?

You definitely won’t replace a full or a part-time job filing out paid surveys.. that’s for sure. But hey atleast you take care of those of those pesky electric bills, phone bills among others, that’s still helps A LOT!

Are there any membership rules I should know about?

The main principle for membership and the way we treat our members are based on honesty and authenticity.

We ask our members to answer our surveys honestly. With our quality checks in place, we ensure that surveys have been answered in an appropriate time, and sufficiently well. Members who do not follow these simple principles will risk having their account deleted and losing their reward(s).

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