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10 simple ways to make money online

Money on your mind? 🤑

Well, hey there reader! If you’re reading this, then you must be interested in looking out for ways to make some easy and simple ways to make money on the side to pay those pesky bills you get at the end of the month. We at Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites in the world would love to help you take a look at the different ways to earn money pretty easily using just your smartphone. By the end of this list, you’ll find out some ways even you can make some money quite easily off the internet. So let’s get started, shall we?

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1. Paid Surveys 📝

Paid surveys are a way for you to earn some easy money. You register to Zippy Opinion, answer surveys based on your honest opinion, and then go ahead and get rewarded for it. If that isn’t one of the easiest ways to make money, we don’t know what is. The reason we put this way at the top of our list is because this is something anyone can do – right from people who are looking for side gigs to earn money to full-time employees like doctors, engineers, businesspeople, etc.

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What’s Zippy Opinion and how do I start earning immediately? 🤔

Zippy Opinion is one of the best paid survey sites out there. Members can participate in our online consumer surveys, share their opinions on products with their favorite brands, earn money online, and win free vouchers and other exciting rewards! The Zippy Opinion Rewards Program lets you redeem your Zippy Points for free shopping vouchers and gift cards from our reward partner brands.

Get paid from surveys through us to start your journey into earning some pretty amazing rewards and vouchers for your opinions and thoughts. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent place to start with if you’re a new entrant into this world of opinions and paid surveys.

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How do I register to Zippy Opinion?

  • Head to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Join Us’
  • Enter your details and Register
  • Verify via your email ID
  • Attend Surveys
  • Earn Rewards

2. Blogging/Vlogging 😎

Blogging has been a revelation right from the birth of the internet. It is a great way for you to be able to pour your heart out to the internet and give a detailed opinion on pretty much anything you’re interested in. Just make sure that you are honest when it comes to making your content as your viewers will greatly appreciate it.

Vlogging or Video-blogging is another approach taken to share information in the new age. Rather than tedious reading which can sometimes be boring, videos are very entertaining as a form of content to view and consume. The same principles as blogging are taken into account here. Except of course, for vlogging, you have to be able to face a camera and talk about things that you naturally would. It is more interactive and is a better experience for the viewer as they see an actual person talking to them and this, in turn, gains their trust and establishes a personal connection.

3. Data entry 📊

Data entry is a constant requirement since databases and spreadsheets came to the fore. Companies and brands are continuously adding their historical data into either spreadsheets or databases in order to formulate their need for BIG DATA. This is a fairly easy task to do and if you’re good at typing quickly, this is definitely one job that you could take up to earn some quick cash. Although we have to warn you, this can be a mundane and repetitive task.

4. Online tutoring 👨‍🏫️

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If you believe you have acquired knowledge in a certain field or subject that people are interested in, then we recommend you to start imparting your knowledge to other people who are interested in learning the same. Since the pandemic, more and more people have taken into online coaching and teaching for various skills and subjects in order to improve themselves from either an educational stand-point or from the view of a hobby. The skills you may want to impart and teach can include music, engineering, school subjects, etc.

5. Translation 💭

If you are well-versed in many different languages then we recommend translation jobs for you. There are numerous videos that have come out which want to be known all around the world. But people do not understand all languages. In fact, a majority of people in the world only understand one or two languages. To understand the languages and vernacular in question, the audio has to be translated into different languages all over the world and even within the regions of a certain country.

6. Paid-to-click sites 🖱️

You know those ads you see at the top of your page when you search for things on search engines such as Google or Bing? What about the ads you see on Facebook or other social media sites. Even still, what about the ads you see embedded within other websites? What if we told you clicking on certain ads can fetch you money? For real! There are websites that pay you money for simply clicking on certain ads. Don’t believe us. Do a quick google search and find out for yourselves. Consequently, you can find out more about this by checking out paid-to-click sites like Clixsense and Neobux.

7. Domain selling 🌐

Domain selling has existed since websites and domains became a thing waaaaaay back when. There are people who bought many websites back in the day and have sold them to major companies for tens of thousands of dollars. Some websites even go for more than a hundred thousand dollars. Individuals have previously bought and registered multiple websites and only sell years late for a lot of money to the right bidder. The GoDaddy website auction is one of those places that allow you to sell websites and domains which may be acquired by a big company. So go on and try to acquire domains with names you think might go on to earn you a lot of money from the right buyer someday. Lightning might just strike and make you rich overnight!

8. Selling used items 🖨️

This is one of the most underrated ways to make money online. You may have a fridge or a washing machine that you don’t use anymore that is simply gathering dust in your shed or garage. Why not try selling it online on sites such as EBay and OLX. Turn your liabilities that take up space into actual money. There are numerous people waiting at the helm to buy your second-hand products as they see it as a better option than buying a new product altogether. This could be due to working second-hand products costing significantly lesser than new products. Another reason could be psychological in nature with more and more people wanting to lessen their appliance wastage due to being aware of the harmful environmental effects.

9. Website testing 💻

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know the technical know-how in order to take up this job. All you have to do is use the website in question like a regular person would and write down the things you liked about the site, the things that you don’t and the things that need improving. It’s all about the user experience. So make sure that you are transparent and brutally honest with your testing in your review to ensure that the website owner gets constructive feedback and more importantly, you get paid.

10. Photography 📸

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If you’ve been bitten by the shutterbug, then photography is something you can look into. There are several ways you move forward with this:

  • Creating a social media photography page
  • Creating a photography website
  • Submit your photographs to wallpaper sites
  • Submit your photographs to media agencies

Either of these ways could earn you money. The first two are based on a long-term approach and takes gradual effort to gain support, subscription and traffic till you can reach a significant number of fans or followers, after which you can make a LOT of money. The latter two garner immediate results but at the same time, the odds are low of it happening. However, timing and luck play a very important role here. So make sure you’re well prepared to take on the pros and cons of the two if you’re genuinely interested in making money off of your photography skills. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for talent, skills and hard work.

Mind over money 💸

Regardless of what path of making money you choose, we at Zippy Opinion recommend that you stick to ensuring that you are honest and diligent in whatever service you are providing. We’d like to reiterate that there is no substitute for smart and hard work to be successful. In our opinion, the easiest way would be to answer paid surveys online. You’re your own boss and nobody can tell you what to do and what not to do. You can take up surveys whenever you please and get paid for it. However, we’d strongly urge you to take them up before the survey expires.

What did you think of our list? Do you think that we hit the nail on the head or did we miss out on a few ways to get paid easily online? Let us know in the comment section below.


Tell me how I can become a ZIPPAN Today.

Just follow this link – – – ->> https://in.zippyopinion.com/signup follow the steps laid out and that’s it. We’re Free, safe and most of all the most reliable as we all know.

Will I be spammed with undesired/unsolicited mails?

When you fill out a survey, Zippy Opinion uses your responses along with other participants’ responses to inform clients about consumer’s attitudes about their products or services. The registration information you fill out gives clients a general picture of what types of people filled out the survey: how many men versus women, average level of education, etc. We use your e-mail address to send you invitations to participate in new surveys and to contact you with messages about Zippy Opinion. We use your postal address to mail any survey-related incentives or product samples.

Are paid surveys worth the time?

You definitely won’t replace a full or a part-time job filing out paid surveys… that’s for sure. But hey at least you take care of those of those pesky electric bills, phone bills among others, that’s still helps A LOT!

Are there any membership rules I should know about?

The main principle for membership and the way we treat our members are based on honesty and authenticity.

We ask our members to answer our surveys honestly. With our quality checks in place, we ensure that surveys have been answered in an appropriate time, and sufficiently well. Members who do not follow these simple principles will risk having their account deleted and losing their reward(s).

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