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Early Signs of Mental Illness & how you can prevent them Today

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Mental Illness – Chances are you probably know someone who is suffering from it. But they weren’t always this way, were they? Studies have been conducted and found out that there are many signs that you could be going down the same path as you get older and wearier. Some of you could be going through some symptoms as you’re reading this. Would you like to know what they are?

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Early Signs of mental illness – Are you ready to hear this one out?

There are signs that many studies have suggested that could be taken into account as a warning. Today, Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites will predominantly refer to the study and report of the World Health Organization. Here is our take on the early potential signs and causes of mental illness that you should be aware of TODAY!

The early signs of mental illness

Severe mood swings 😟

Sometimes you’re feeling very happy and on top of the world and in an instant, your emotions run wild and just drop low into sadness. Does this happen to you? Well, if this is something that happens constantly and consistently over a relatively long period of time, then chances are, you might just have early signs of mental illness.

Social Withdrawal

Have you ever felt the need to drop away and be in a corner on your own in a social setting? Or in spite of having previously been a very amicable and outgoing person, suddenly find yourself in a position where you can’t even talk to your folks at home, forget your friends and other acquaintances! Studies say this could be a sign of mental illness. We do have to observe and say that there is a clear line between an introvert (which is completely fine) and wanting to be social but simply being unable to. Being introverted is a choice one makes and that’s the difference between that and social withdrawal.

Change in appetite

Are there days that you eat WAAAAAY more than you actually can? And are there days that you don’t feel like eating at all? Do you think there’s been a change in the quality of food you prefer to eat? A change in food intake could mean several things. However, it is a sign of an early onset of mental illness

Drop in functional productivity

Are there days that you just can’t get out of your bed, no matter how badly you want to? You try to get up but are unable to do so. You’re trying to get work done but every little thing seems like it’s a lot more difficult to do than it was ever before and each and every day feels like a struggle. Studies suggest that this is an early sign of mental illness.

Stress & Anxiety

This is one of the major reasons for the early offset of mental illness. Whether it is stress from work or from your personal life, they are just as terrible for your mental health. If you’re going through a period of anxiety with panic attacks that just prevent you from functioning as you used to before, then all these could be signs of early mental illness.

Sleep duration

You’re up all night, unable to sleep. You’ve tried out all those apps that are supposed to help you get some well-deserved shut-eye but nothing’ working. You feel heavily sleep-deprived but are just not able to sleep. Or are there days that you keep sleeping and sleeping for long durations without needing to do so? Then this is a sign of the inevitable and should be looked into as early as possible.

Suicidal tendencies

Now, this is really serious! Suicidal tendencies are a clear cut-sign that you are at a high risk of garnering mental illness pretty early on in your life. We strongly urge that you do not do something that you may not live to regret. If such cases, we suggest that you visit a therapist or seek medical attention at the earliest time possible.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

It has been well documented that alcohol and drug abuse can lead to an early setting into mental illness. These substances are simply not good for your body and mind in the long run. We highly recommend that you look to other healthy forms of release for a safer and happier life. Drug and alcohol abuse isn’t new? In fact, it’s been a major contributor for a long time and has only increased over time. This doesn’t just include the person consuming it but could also have a snowball effect on their off-springs and the generations to come.

How can you potentially prevent yourself from being susceptible to mental illness?

Ways to prevent mental illness

Regular exercise

Making exercise a habit helps make you a happier person altogether. The chemicals secreted and released in the brain when you work-out or do yoga and other kinds of health & fitness techniques make not just your body feel better but your brain too. Hence, we at Zippy highly recommend that you take part in as much physical activity that makes you feel good, content and happy with yourself.

Empathy and support

It is completely okay to accept help and empathy from the goo people that care about your mental health and well-being. Even if you feel that they might not understand what you’re really going through, just remember that you can always rely on people who love and trust you and vice-versa to help you through this difficult period of time.

Healthy eating habits

We cannot stress this enough! EAT BETTER – FEEL BETTER! Nutrition is an extremely important part of your life. When you’re eating food that is healthy and gives you more energy and strength, go for it! Having a balanced diet is crucial in preventing an early drop to potential mental illness.

Boost low self-esteem

If you’re feeling low about yourself and not doing so great, then wear that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear and do those activities that you’ve always wanted to do. Try not to let other people get you down. Ensure that you surround yourself with individuals that have a positive impact on your life and those that help you grow and prosper in life.

Stress & Anger Management 😡

Another MAJOR preventive measure you can take is managing your stress and anger to medically acceptable levels. Stress causes anger. The same is true the other way around as well. Both may exist within you simultaneously. You can try doing some meditation to attain an inner peace of mind for to help dissolve you of your anger and stress. If managing anger and stress is very tough for you, then we at Zippy Opinion recommend that you see an anger management therapist to help manage your uncontrollable urges and tendencies before you end up saying or doing something you may regret later.

Build Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships that help make you feel better as a person and human being are critical to your development and help prevent a road leading to potential mental illness. Surround yourself with people that help you move forward in life. Be in the company of people that have a positive impact on you and ones that genuinely care about you. Try building healthy relationships than toxic ones to have a better happiness index.

Take part in Feel-good activities

Many sources say that taking part in activities that help you feel better when you feel down helps in preventing mental illness later on in your life. Different people do different activities to feel good. There is no wrong answer.

While this is not medically proven, some of us love taking surveys for money and this might even be considered therapeutic for you. However, we stress that this is not a proven technique but has helped some people achieve some peace. I mean, what’s not to like? You simply take surveys from the comfort of your home and get paid for doing so. If you wanna know more about this, then check our blog on Earning More Money Using Just Your Smartphone. A Dream Or a Reality?

Consult a medical professional 👨‍⚕️

If all the above measures aren’t enough and you are already going through symptoms of mental illness, then we highly recommend that you seek a therapist to help you. If you’ve tried all of the above things and they aren’t helping at all, then you may be in dire need of professional help and mental health professional are there to cater to your needs and well-being.


Let’s wrap things up, shall we? Mental health is extremely important and has to be made more aware of. You may be going through with some symptoms. Someone you know may be going through this. It isn’t always visible to you or the people around you. But if you keep a keen eye on it, you might just find out that you are not alone in this battle and there are others that may be in the same or similar situation as you. It is completely okay to seek help and nurture your mental health and state of mind for a better future ahead.
What are your thoughts on mental health and illness? Do you agree with us or do you disagree with some things that we highlighted? Let us know in the comment section below. 👇


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