Consumer Testimonials and Success Stories - The Zippians have Spoken

Consumer Testimonials and Success Stories – The Zippians have Spoken

We at Zippy Opinion believe that customers are the true indication of a brand’s success and reliability. Like the Indian democracy which is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”; each brand is made “of the clients, by the clients, and for the clients”. We keep this in mind before taking any action and make sure that our customer (read members) is the king. We love to keep an open channel of communication with our vast family Zippians, and actively listen to their needs to improve our brand.

We are glad to say, our constant effort at enhancing the happiness index of our members is bearing some lovely fruit. The consumer testimonial section is slowly filling up with success stories of how Zippy Opinion is impacting the consumer landscape while incentivizing consumers in the way of shopping vouchers from popular online shopping brands.

Read on to find out how our humble surveys have created tiny ripples of impact among our beloved Zippians.

Vishal Singh Rotele, one of our relatively new members, has already mastered the labyrinth of paid online surveys had some nice words to say. He has not only successfully monetized his free time, but also has unlocked a unique opportunity to use his experience as a techie.

This is what he had to say, “Zippy Opinion has been a blessing for me this year. It has not only given me surveys which I enjoy but also the chance to improve the quality experience for many companies. Being a core technical professional myself, I have given many relevant surveys to my field. It has been a smooth ride this year. Kindly keep up the good work. I am expecting more in 2019. All the best!”

Another one of our panelists, a humble pensioner with a lot of time and experience behind him, is one of our tenured panelists. This is what he had to share about his long-term association with Zippy Opinion, “Zippy Opinion is a great platform to keep a retired person engaged. It helps to keep the mind alert and gives me something to always look forward to. The points earned through the successful completion of surveys gives a thrill when one converts the points to earn gifts from a very wide choice. Just the right dose to keep a retired person happy, cheerful, hale and hearty.”

Beyond all the allure of joining a paid online survey portal, all our members and prospective members are always uncertain about the legitimacy of survey platforms. Speaking about this, Ananya, another long-time Zippian from Bhubaneswar says, “I have been a member of Zippy Online Surveys from two years or so. I would like to say, don’t get disheartened if you don’t qualify, because you have got contests, surveys, and many other ways to earn points and redeem! This year, for the first time, I had participated in a contest (Movember), and I won a whopping 300 points which is simply great!! I now more motivated to look forward to such contests and who knows I might get lucky too!”

Her excitement is understandable since Zippy Opinion is one of the only paid online survey portals where all the members are part of an amazing reward program through which lets the members earn in 10 different ways. Social media contests are one of the most unique offerings from Zippy Opinion. Our members flock towards these delightful contests and walk away with free vouchers and rewards from various partner brands.

Putting all doubt about paid online surveys to rest, we have one more success story from Jai Raj. After having witnessed the ugly underbelly of the survey world, this is what he had to say about his experience with Zippy Opinion, “In the past, I have had a bad experience with several survey sites in which nothing happened after redeeming. However, after I redeemed and received the reward from Zippy Opinion, my faith in survey sites increased! They also give reward vouchers within a week after my claim, unlike others who take one to two month. Thanks, Zippy Opinion!”

These are just a few of our many consumer testimonials and success stories. You can read all of them here.

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