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Max Rewards Survey: A Guide to Earning BIG From Your Couch

How do we give our valued consumers the survey experience they deserve? This was the thought that echoed around the conference table on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Thoughts turned into suggestions, suggestions into ideas and ideas eventually into water-tight plans. It was Zippy Opinion’s “Eureka!” moment and a way to reward our consumers in the most limit-less way we could, to give them exactly what they’d been asking for – Truly Unlimited Rewards!

So what is Max Rewards Survey?

An initiative run by Zippy Opinion, one of the best paid survey sites site which rewards its consumers every step of the way. Max Rewards Survey pulled all stops and went over and beyond with its ability to be able to gratify every single complete that was achieved. Members in the Zippy Opinion Community were able to refer pretty much anyone they knew who was an online shopper. In this digital age, that is practically every person with an electronic device! A referral that a Zippian successfully got a survey complete from earned them INR 50. Every referral of the referrer also earned INR 50. All this directly to your email address! We wanted to ensure that our members faced no hurdles. And with that in mind, the barriers to earn an unlimited amount of rewards were minimized to virtually nothing. We removed all riders and yet maintained some seriously superb quality by ensuring we capture the PIs.

What made Max Rewards Survey stand apart from any other initiative?

The sheer fact that our members could earn potentially unlimited rewards made this program unique and stand out from the rest of the competition. Something like this was unheard of! Let alone actually implemented. But with unlimited surveys come unlimited rewards. It paid dividends! So simple but so gratifying!

To put it in simple points, we believe these were the main driving factors of this paid survey initiative-

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Dual gratification of referrer and survey-taker
  • The whole reward experience of Zippy Opinion

The Floodgate’s Open!

With the click of a single button, Max Rewards Survey goes live and the response in numbers was massive! Every online shopper wanted to grab at the chance of earning potentially unlimited rewards. And we weren’t disappointed. The absolute eagerness and passion could be seen in the numbers which were constantly growing and growing. And true to our word, it seemed like a ceiling didn’t really exist for our members to earn Truly Unlimited.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Words may mislead but facts and figures can never lie. The success of Max Rewards Survey can be attributed by dwelling into the sheer facts of the matter. The infographic below paints a pretty picture of this successful initiative and the factors that contributed to it:

Earning money online couldn't get any easier could it?

How can I be part of Zippy Opinion and earn BIG rewards?

  • Head to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Join Us’
  • Enter your details and Register
  • Verify via your email ID
  • Attend Surveys
  • Earn Rewards!

It is completely free to join us. We charge ZERO registration fees. Sign up to have a hassle-free experience with us.

What is the Zippy Opinion Community?

The Zippy Opinion Community is an online community, exclusive to Zippians – as we fondly call ourselves. Here, you can engage with other Zippians, interact with the brand, and take part in fun-filled activities — win vouchers and Zippy Community Points for every engagement you have on this Community.

How can I be part of the Zippy Opinion Community?

  • Log in to Zippy Opinion
  • Click on ‘Community’ from the Navigation bar
  • Welcome to Zippy Community

It’s really that simple!

Will there be more initiatives like Max Rewards Survey?

YES, YES and HECK YES! We assure our Zippians nothing but rewards from us. We want you to know that each and every one of your opinions matter to us. We consistently and constantly offer some amazing rewards and prizes to our members helping them with several ways to earn money from home. Your opinions are valued and sought after! Our online surveys for money are just a click away! And we will ensure to gratify you to the best of our ability. And that’s our honest promise to each and every Zippian all around the world!

Max Reward Survey Testimonials

In conclusion, Max Rewards Survey was the opportunity that we wanted to present to our consumers and boy were we proud of how they grabbed it with both hands! The hard work put into it finally paid off. We wanted to make the Zippy family larger and provide them with all the necessary aides to make money online. But more than anything else, we wanted to hear more and more of your voices and opinions. This could not have been possible without the time, energy, and opinion of each and every single one of our Zippians making this a monumental success! Hip-hip! Hurray!

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