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10 hacks to make your life easier

Life-hacks are nothing but shortcuts or quick tricks that people do to make their life easier and more efficient. Many people struggle with everyday tasks that require a certain amount of attention. However, we’re here to make your life a bit easier with these life-hacks that we’re sure will help you see things in a new light and do things quicker than ever before. You may have heard or seen some techniques and some you haven’t yet. So we’ll make sure that we give you the best life-hacks that you can use to make things easier for yourself.

Life isn’t easy

#1 Herbs last longer in water 🌿

When you buy herbs like cilantro/coriander, curry leaves, sage, etc. you buy them in a bunch or bunches. However, you only use a little every time. So much goes to waste as they are very perishable and get spoilt in a short period of time. So the question remains – How can I make my herbs last longer?

Put them in a jar of water and watch them last 3 times as long!

#2 How to Keep Ants Away 🐜

Ants can sometimes be quite a menace! If food is left in the open, then these six-legged insects are sure to be there munching away at your precious food. However, ants have a weakness! Yes, you heard that right. Just keep some cloves near your food and watch as ants keep as far away from your food as possible.

#3 How to keep Mosquitoes Away 👾

What’s worse than ants coming after your food? That’s right, mosquitoes coming after your blood! These annoying insects would not make any negative impact to the ecosystem if they were eradicated from existence. Now how do you keep these noisy little blood-suckers away from you? Easy. You can add in a little bit of Vanilla (they hate it!) to your bath water and you can watch them fly as far away from you as possible! Plus, Vanilla makes you smell good too!

Additionally, you can also make sure to wear light, pastel-colored clothes instead as mosquitoes are attracted to dark blue-ish clothing.

My life just got a little easier

#4 How to keep your blade rust-free 🔪

Metal of most kinds are not free from rust. Which includes items we use every day such as knifes, razor blades, scissors, etc. And rust can’t always be seen to the naked eye. All you have to do is store them in olive oil and watch your blades be sharp and never dull. Additionally, for razor blades, oil oil left over will also help moisturize you skin.

#5 When are you the most productive? 🙌

The University of California conduct a study to find out when one is the most productive. The research shows that your focus begins to rise at 11 AM and reaches its peak between 2 PM and 3 PM. So if you’ve got some really important work that you’ve been putting off or not had the inspiration to do, then we suggest that you go ahead and do it at the aforementioned time.

#6 How to open a tough lid of a jar or bottle 🤘

If you’re finding it hard to open the lid of a jar or bottle and you’re simply not able to get through to the ingredient that you want to get open, then we suggest you run it down some hot water. Hot water loosens it up and ensures that you can more easily open the lid of the jar.

#7 How to clean your showerhead 🚿

It is near impossible to clean the head of your shower. In some areas saltwater content is heavy. So how do you remove all the salt and dirt content from the showerhead in your bathroom? It’s easy as pie. Fill some vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead. Leave it overnight and watch the magic happen as your showerhead becomes as clean as a whistle by the morning.

#8 How you can make some easy money online 🤑

Paid surveys are the easiest way to make some money. Of course, this isn’t gonna make you a fortune. But hey! You get to spend a few minutes of your time answering a few questions and make some pocket money on the side. Best part of it is that you can earn from anywhere. How great is that?!

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#9 How to make your shoes not smell 👞

Some people tend to have smelly shoes as their feet may sweat excessively. This may be due to a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis wherein a person sweats profusely through their feet and hands. Now how do you get rid of the smelly sweat smell from the shoes? Simple. Keep some tea bags in the shoes overnight and be confident in wearing your shoes wherever you need without thinking of how badly they may be smelling.

#10 How to reduce bad breath 🤢

Speaking of things that smell, many people go through bad breath and honestly, it’s quite a turn off for most people that they interact with. So if you’ve got bad breath, how can you ensure that you take care of it without going to the doctor? It’s as easy as eating an apple. No, really! All you gotta do to keep your breath fresh is eat apples. It doesn’t just keep doctors away, apparently!


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